Angel Investing - April Update

Since my first post about angel investing, I have made the following investments. These all happen to be YC W18 companies.

Vena Medical

This company makes a camera that is small enough to fit inside blood vessels, providing a unique perspective to physicians.


This company makes an app to find other people to do things with. For example, you can find someone in the area who is also interested in playing basketball and do that together. Or any other activity you want.


This company makes an “ISP starter kit”, making it easy to start your own ISP for your community. This lowers the barrier to entry into the ISP industry, thereby increasing competition in the space.

Lessons Learned

It’s still fairly early on in my angel investing activities to go into depth about lessons learned. It did surprise me though how quickly deal flow picked up. I think it is very important to be able to quickly make judgements and know as soon as possible which startups are ones you aren’t going to invest in, so that you can focus your time on a set of startups that can be evaluated in that time.

April 14, 2018
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